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WYIN CO2PRO Compact CO2 Injection Package c/w 2.6kg Aust Certified Cylinder

$30.00 (Fixed shipping cost)
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Product Description

WYIN CO2PRO 'Compact' Carbon Dioxide Injection Package

The new WYIN CO2PRO Injection Packages have been designed to make it dead simple and extremely affordable to add high quality CO2 Injection to your planted aquarium. Straight out of the box you everything you need is included. All the most popular items packaged together ready to go. From the glassware to the large cylinder to the high quality regulator, you will not find a comparative high quality package anywhere in Australia for anything close to our price. We want to make your decision easy. 


CO2 Regulator.

WYIN CO2 Compact Regulator (Model: W01-20).

This brand new WYIN CO2 Injection Regulator is a very impressive 'Twin Stage' alloy regulator.  

  • Twin pressure gauges which read both regulator pressure and cylinder pressure. 
  • WYIN Electronic Solenoid Valve (For Automatic ON/OFF function). 
  • Suitable for Australian power supply conditions (Frequency fluctuation resistent)
  • pH Controller ready.
  • Full Alloy body with anodized black finish
  • Fine tuning needle valve for accurage co2 bubble adjustment
  • Supplied with a high quality Aluminum/plastic CO2 bubble counter as pictured with inbuilt check valve.
  • Silent operation and low temperature.
  • Low power consumption. 
  • Highly accurate fine tune needle valve.
  • Supplied with spare rubber o-ring and fitment tool. 
  • NOTE: Functionally the only difference between the compact and pro is the pro's ability to adjust base pressure. The Pro is a more industrial design and has larger gauges and body. Other than that they will operate the same. 


CO2 Cylinder.

  • Steel Keg King CO2 cylinder 2.6kg
  • Fill Thread - AS2473 Type 30 (Australian Standard for CO2)
  • Horizontal regulator mount
  • Australian Certified
  • Unlimited commissionable service life. Keg King have an extensive Australia wide swap and go network. This means it's on them to keep certified cylinders in circulation. Alternatively if you want to get it refilled you can do so at anywhere that refills gas. 
  • Gas Life approx 18 months at 2 drops / sec for 10hrs a day

CO2 Accessories.

  • CO2 Diffuser
  • 3.5cm Japanese Glass Diffuser
  • Supplied with 2 suction cups
  • Suitable for all sized tanks
  • Alloy Bubble Counter
  • This device attaches to the hose port on the needle valve.
  • It is filled with water and has a one way valve to prevent water from entering the regulator.
  • As flow rates are adjusted you can instantly read your drop rate.
  • CO2 Hose, Suckers, and Check Valve.
  • 2.5m of CO2 Resistant Polyurethane Hose.
  • 6x Hose suckers supplied.
  • Brass high grade check valve supplied to prevent back flow.


Drop Checker (CO2 Long Term Monitor).

  • Glass Drop Checker apparatus c/w suction cup
  • Indicator Solution
  • Colour chart sticker
  • Determines the amount of CO2 that has been diffused into the tank.


  • Flat rate shipping cost of $30 Australia Wide via a Dangerous Good Courier (required for filled cylinders)


Want to know more about WYIN Regulators?


Why is a twin stage regulator better than a single stage?

WYIN Compact Regulators are the first on the market in this size to have 'Twin Stage' functionality. So what does 'twin stage' mean and how does it work you ask? Well CO2 in a filled cylinder has a pressure anywhere between 700-1000psi within normal operating temperatures. The regulators job is reduce this pressure down to an operating pressure suitable for aquarium CO2 injection (30-50psi). Then using the fine-tuning needle valve the flow rate can be adjusted to a 'drop per/second' rate which is determined using the attached tubular bubble counter filled with water. Often the rate is only a few drops a second but the exact amount depends on the size and demand of your aquarium plants. You might have heard that a twin stage regulator holds pressure when faced with resistance in the line. This is correct and what this means is that the regulator will maintain it's preset 30-50psi pressure with resistance in the hose rather than drop it's pressure and stop gas flow. So why does this pressure resistance occur and how will you know if a twin gate regulator is for you? Pressure resistance is created from the atomizing or diffusing device designed to finely bubble the CO2 gas into your aquarium. If you plan on using an atomizing or diffusing device that requires high pressure to push gas through it then this feature is absolutely necessary. These are predominantly atomizers that are designed to be installed on your filters outlet hose and are called 'inline atomizers'. Normal ceramic disc style diffusers such as the regular glass diffusers do not require much pressure and are suitable for both single and twin gate regulators. If are planning to use an alloy splitter to split your CO2 injection system to feed other aquariums this will increase the CO2 demand and overall pressure resistance in the lines also. In this case a twin stage regulator that can hold a solid base pressure is also required.   


There are many really impressive features of the WYIN regulators. 

Besides its internal twin gate configuration as explained above, there are some fantastic and unique design features that really impress us about this new WYIN 'Professional' model regulator. The base pressure adjustability feature is a brilliant function to have if you want to either decrease the base pressure to give an even finer needle valve adjustment or increase the base pressure to ensure consistent fine flowing bubbles through the most stubborn of atomizers or if splitting the system amongst numerous aquariums. There is no limit to how many tanks you can run with this model, it's amazingly versatile and equally powerful. Internally this regulator cannot be faulted it's just so well designed. From it's machining to it's industrial grade seals to it's completely unique unbreakable O-ring between the regulator and cylinder, it's really got all bases covered. Externally you can see it looks beautiful and is exceptionally well designed with a clean anodized finish. All of the units sold from Aquascape Design will be supplied in stealth black despite the entire WYIN range being available in many different colors.


WYIN Electronic solenoid valves.

All WYIN Regulators come fitted with a extremely high quality electronic solenoid valve. Electronic solenoid valves provide a user friendly functionality to your CO2 Injection experience by powering on and off your CO2 between light and dark hours respectively. Anyone that has had experience with CO2 injection solenoids would know that it's hard to find a reliable one. Why is that? Australia has what is commonly known as a 'dirty' supply of power. Electricity is delivered to our households with fluctuating frequencies which puts unnecessary load on appliances. Unfortunately that load is detrimental to the longevity of most solenoids. Australia also experiences numerous spikes small and large with the smaller ones often going unnoticed unless of course you have CO2 Injection on your Aquarium. Most brands of CO2 Regulators are not immune to solenoid issues and key to consumer is to do your research and avoid those regulators. Solenoid reliability is an area that I really wanted to address because we believe you should expect years of service from a solenoid not months... 

Just like our CO2PRO range of regulators the WYIN regulators solenoid is a brilliant design based on the tried and tested Nass Magnet solenoids with circuitry designed specifically to withstand Australia's power supply issues. In the unlikely event your premises are hit with a power surge big enough to blow a PC power supply, don't worry we have extremely well priced replacement solenoids ready to ship. 

The WYIN blog...

We first met up with the WYIN team in November 2015 at a trade show in Shanghai China and we were instantly impressed with the quality and workmanship of the entire range. Their marketing was great, their packaging was fantastic and their product quality and inclusions were great. For example, they have a plastic wrapped wrench for attaching the regulator, which I really loved because I don’t like scratches. We arranged samples of their full range and we have been testing them thoroughly ever since without a single issue. We believe that the WYIN CO2 regulator range is of a higher standard than any other units we've tested, including our own brand CO2PRO (commissioned through DICI Machinery). WYIN's business strategy is good. They are looking to penetrate the international market aggressively and have the product, the marketing strategy and the pricing to do so. WYIN are set to become the market leaders in CO2 regulators and related equipment worldwide and we're very happy to be making a contribution to that. 

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