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Understanding Aquascaping can seem like a daunting task. We don't want you to feel that way.  

This area has been developed to help you gather intelligence about the Aquascaping hobby to aid your efforts to create a natural aquatic ecosystem. 

Aquascape is a marriage between art, design and nature within an Aquarium.  Aquascape mimics nature not only in appearance, but more importantly from an ecological and functional perspective.  Results are achieved through understanding the laws of nature and our participation offers both us and those you share your creation with the opportunity to learn about and further appreciate natural freshwater ecosystems. 

Starting with Article No. 1 'Aquascape Setup Basics' we'll cover related products and equipment used to encourage aquatic plant growth.  

Future topics:

  • CO2 Injection Systems
  • Substrate  
  • Nutrients & Fertilizers 
  • Photosythesis
  • Lighting
  • Aquascape Layout Tips
  • Plant tools & Pruning Techniques