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CO2 Leak Test

Occassionally with CO2 equipment a leak in a component or at a connection can result in rapid loss of CO2 from your high pressure tank.  If the leak is small it is silent and odorless and is capable of emptying out your cylinder overnight. 

The best method to locate silent leaks is via the soapy water spray test. Using a water spray bottle place approx 5 drops of liquid detergent with water and shake the bottle.  Spray all connections and components of the CO2 cylinder, it's connection to the regulator and the regulator itself until you see and hear a hissing sound accompanied by bubbles. If you have an electronic solenoid valve be sure not to spray too close to the electrical connections. Its good practice to perform this test immediately after setting up your pressurized CO2 system.

The video below is of a leaking connection on one of our own CO2PRO regulators. I have already sprayed the regulator found the leak and wiped the excess water off the regulator.