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CADE launches cool new laser etched logo.

Posted on 20th Oct 2011 @ 7:50 PM

Our next container of CADE tanks is due to arrive at the end of November just in time for xmas sales. I'm happy to report that the presale figures have seen 3/4 of the container sold to only a handful of stores. Anyway, back to the point, CADE recently acquired a Laser Etching machine for branding of their tanks and glass cabinets. The first time i saw one of these in action was in Thailand, they etch your face into a solid piece of glass with absolute precision.  As you can see below the process produces absolutely perfect presentation of the logo in 3D sandwiched inside the glass. When the tank lights are on it looks like it is an illuminated sign. The alteration we have requested is for them to position the logo in the bottom right hand corner instead of as seen in the images below. I think that would make it less 'in yo face.'  It's great idea and it definitely adds another element of esteem to an already prestigious brand.